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New site creation
Starting from scratch? Not a problem! We can help you secure a website name and hosting (where your site will be located), as well as develop a site that meets your current needs and allows for easy updates in the future.
Current site updates
Already have a website? Need your site to look good on mobile devices? Whatever your upgrade needs are, let's make your website better!
Design guides
An outline of your website's styles to help maintain consistency in website updates as well as other marketing initiatives.
E-learning courses
Custom online training courses available 24x7 to meet your employees' and/or customers' needs.

User Experience (UX)

UX consulting
UX is the fancy way of saying "user experience". This is a thorough review of your website, newsletter, or other marketing materials with a focus on the user's experience and how to improve it.
Usability testing
There is no better way to test your site than by observing actual people using your website.
Feedback polls & surveys
Improving your website starts with understanding what your visitors want and how they're attempting to achieve it.
Visitor recordings
By seeing your visitors' movements and actions, you can quickly identify usability issues they encounter.
These visual representations of where your visitors are clicking/tapping and scrolling will help you learn more about what's important to them and how they're using your site.
Form analysis
By discovering which form fields take too long to fill in, which fields are left blank, and at what point your visitors abandon your form, we can improve your online form completion rates.
A/B testing
To improve a site's design and usability, multiple versions of a particular part of a site can be created and displayed to separate groups of visitors to see which experience works better. Will experience A win? Or perhaps experience B or C? Let the battle begin!
User personas
A technique used to improve your understanding of your audience and what their needs are, to help you get into the minds of your visitors.

Marketing & Social Media

Social media consulting
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, oh my! What are they? What do they do? Which should I use? Am I using them properly? Let's review which social media sites make sense for your business and how to use them to help promote your business.
Search engine optimization (SEO)
We'll review your site's content, what keywords your visitors are using, and discuss ways to improve your search engine ranking. Let's get you found!
Email marketing review
A review of your current email design, layout, and strategy with recommendations for increasing email opens and actions.
Landing page creation
A webpage created for a specific marketing strategy.
Post on your behalf
Posting to social media on a regular basis is vital to letting your audience know what you're up to and, more importantly, that you're still in business. About once a week is recommended. If you're too busy, we can post on your behalf.

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